Piano LED Visualizer for MIDI Keyboards


Designed to support Beginners/Tutors | Self-tutoring features/Synthesia support | showcase skills at concerts/YouTube


Designed to support Beginners/Tutors | Self-tutoring features/Synthesia support | showcase skills at concerts/YouTube

The MIDI-LED-Visualizer | Piano Self-Tutor | Light-up-Key System is a multi-purpose accessory/add-on to your Piano/Music keyboard that can showcase your talents and is highly useful as a self-Piano-tutoring tool.  It is compatible with pianos or Music keyboards that have MIDI capability.
This MIDI Visualizer combines your Computer and Piano together and transforms them into a Smart self-Learning-tool / smart tutoring-tool by adding visual guidance to the keys you play. The Innovative Multi-Color MIDI-LED-Visualizer/Piano Guide/Piano Self-Tutoring System pays special attention to perfecting the learning and practicing functions. * Please note this item is Not a Music Instrument, it’s an accessory for your existing Piano/Music Keyboard.

 Requirements: A Computer | MIDI supported Piano | MIDI cables
• Your Piano or Electronic Keyboard need to have a MIDI port to use self-tutoring features.
• MIDI over USB connectivity preferred. (USB connectivity to a computer)
• If the Piano has traditional MIDI(Round 5Pin), you may need a MIDI 5pin DIN to USB cable converter to connect to the computer.
(connect both MIDI Piano and Piano Visualizer to the Computer)
• A Computer with Synthesia software installed.

Key Features: Standalone | Visualizer | Color effects
• This model needs to be connected to a computer.
• Designed to support Beginners to speed up practicing.
• Builtin Self-tutoring mode. Wait until the play feature.
• Optimized for Synthesia software and tutorials.
• Piano practice support. Scales, Songs.
• Left/Right hand in different colors.
• An innovative tool for tutors during the pandemic.
• Showcase piano-playing talents, as seen on YouTube.
• Easy to carry, Plug-n-Play. USB powered.
• Boot-up in few seconds.
• Userfriendly & simple menu, OLED colorful informative Display, Touch Buttons.
• Can use at concerts and live events.

• Customizable to your own requirements and unique effects(Fees may apply).
• Always we provide more features than we advertise.

Advanced Features:
This visualizer has 3x Modes Sync with Synthesia App.
(1) Free Play Mode : The Visualizer light strip reacts to the notes being played.
– Showcase your talents and Upload them to YouTube.
(2) Piano Tutor Mode : Light-up next keys to play parallel to notations/graphics displayed on the computer along with MIDI song or lesson.
– Song’s Next keys to play light-up and wait until you Press Correct Keys.
– Displays both LEFT-hand and RIGHT-hand keys notes in two colors*.
(3) Watch & Listen Mode :
– Light-up keys while listening. Can play along too.
– Piano in 2x colors. Multi-Instruments in multi-colors.

Colors/Effects: Visualizer has 40+ attractive Colors-schemes
• Basic Color Modes : Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blu-Green, Cool-White, Hot-Pink.
• Black-key keystrokes(b, # keys) light in slightly different colors than White-Keys for convenience.
• Color-Bar : Select any Color from the full range of colors.
• Variable Brightness : Brightness depends on Key playing velocity. Brightness increases decrease when playing Soft/Hard.
• Variable Color Modes : Change colors as Key velocity.
• Gradient Color Modes : Gradient colors Left to Right.
• Octave Modes : Octaves in color combinations.
• Random Modes : Random color for each key play.
• Multi Mode : Multiple colors as per instrument*.
• Inverted color modess : Brandnew & unique feature.
• Tutor Modes : Wait until play correct notes.

Setting up:
• Connect both the Piano and the Piano Visualizer to the computer.
• Setup the MIDI Visualizer and the software.
• Plug the Visualizer, Open the software* and play.
• Play/Tutor Music lessons or Songs/MIDI using Synthesia software.

• Connect both the Piano and the Piano Visualizer to a computer. Need a computer to function.
• No need for an external Power source.
• Compact, User-friendly, Easy to carry, Plug-n-Play.
• Reliable-single-core CPU,
• OLED colorful informative Display, Touch Buttons.
• Simple and User-friendly menu.
• Can use with Pianos without MIDI. (No keyboard input. The visualizer will not react to the notes being played. The self-tutoring feature will not work).

** Some additional skills and tools on Video recording, video Editing, etc are required.
* Since some Instrument Manufacturers have adopted their own MIDI standards on different keyboards, all of the above lists may not consistently work on some keyboards.


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