Anyone Can Learn to Play with Piano LED!

If you’ve played Guitar Hero, you know how easy it is to rock out to your favorite tunes.
Imagine your PIANO can do it! That’s true. With Piano LED System, you can “follow the lights” and play your favorite songs without a single lesson. uses special “Follow Lights” software to illuminate your way via the world’s most popular music from every genre. Just follow the piano’s lights and play directly the notes under the lights, and Piano LED System’s virtual orchestras will back you up as you play! It’s fast, easy, and sounds great!t!

This technology uses a pre-recorded MIDI song background that actually “waits” for you to play. You have full control over the playing speed. As you get used to the pattern, start slowly and gradually increase the speed. In minutes you will sound like a piano pro! You will also be able to understand advanced musical expression techniques

You can also personalize your learning experience. Using Piano LED application, you can activate the Guide functiononly for the right hand part, only the left part or both at the same time. Hand-by-hand learning method helps you focus on one game before having to worry about both at the same time. Once you get used to the song, you can play both hands at the same time. Some songs were originally written with keys with lots of sharps or flats. With the app, you can change the keys to your liking and reduce or completely eliminate sharps or flats. Do you like to improvize? With this technology, you can let the piano play the song as it was written while you improvise, making it feel like you’re playing with the band

The big advantage compared to traditional piano lessons is that you can play famous songs right away! …and isn’t that what motivated you to study? Playing your favorite music is more fun and helps you spot patterns faster because you know the songs you’re learning. The instant gratification you get will encourage you to play more and the more you play the better! provided a fun way to learn at home for people who didn’t have the opportunity to learn at a young age. Little ones can follow the lights before reading. Even people who have never learned to play the piano can use this technology to play along with their favorite songs. Why not try it yourself? Don’t procrastinate anymore. Come today and see how technology can help make your musical dreams come true!

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